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10 ways to make money from home

10 ways to make money from home

Blue Collar. White Collar. Suits, jackets and blazers. For many years, these were the craze. Everyone wanted to get that job in oil and gas, banking, insurance, telecoms, and the rest. But times have changed and things aren’t as they used to be. Successive economic downturns and the accompanying weakened purchasing power led many into finding alternative sources of income. Today, there are several ways to make money from home.

In the last couple of years, these so-called alternative streams of income have actually become major sources of livelihood for many people across the world. It is no longer a side job, but has enriched a lot of people. This post explores 10 different ways to make money from home. It is no longer news that there are several benefits of working from home, including convenience and having time to spend with your family.

We shall look at 10 different things you can do to make money from home, the skills required and the potentials. The proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs), as well as the prevalence of the Internet have made it increasingly possible to work remotely and be efficient. Below are 10 ways to make money from home, online or offline.


Writing for blogs and websites have become very popular in the last 10 years. The end game can be running your own blog, but while you’re working towards that, earning good money writing for sites is a good way to wait. Trust me, if you’re good writer, you can make as much as $50 for a well written article. Doing this requires that you acquire basic skills in keyword and SEO. It is a huge market today and people are earning as high as $10,000 monthly.


Another popular way to make money from home is by responding to online paid surveys. There are several organizations across the world that will pay you as much as $5 to respond to a simple survey. You can subscribe to dedicated survey platforms so you can always receive surveys and get paid for participating in them. A good example of a paid online survey company is Afrisight.


Arguably, this is the era of digital marketing. Social media platforms have made marketing and selling really easy. Today, selling has no boundaries, and so does marketing. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other online platforms, you can promote sites and make their goods and services known to the rest of the world. Digital marketing is, however, a very technical field that involves some form of training. Thankfully, these tutorials are available online for free.


It is actually not as difficult as some people make it sound. Having an online store is perhaps the easiest business you can set up. You don’t need to own a physical store and you don’t even need to have products. Just know the right sellers and producers and find ready buyers. Most of the time, it doesn’t go beyond linking a seller to a buyer. Other times, you might just require the services of dispatch riders. And you can do all of these in the comfort of your home with just a computer and Internet connection.


This is a relatively new form of digital marketing. You’re neither the seller nor the owner of the online store, but you can advertise for online stores and get a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your referral link. It is quite easy. Some affiliate marketers act as review writers too. They write a review about the product(s) and drop a link through which people can buy the product. You can do this on platforms that have affiliate programmes, such as Jumia Affiliate, Ali Express, Amazon, and several other online stores. There are also several platforms for affiliate marketing. Good example is shareasale


Running a blog is something you can do in the comfort of your bedroom. This is even more exciting because you can simply start a blog about things you like that might interest other people too. I know a guy who started a blog about coffee. He would simply write about coffee recipes and how to spice up your coffee. Today, he’s a big time blogger as he now advertises for different coffee brands on his website and refer readers to certain coffee shops.


Websites and Apps continue to compete for users. Everyone wants to outshine the other. It’s just how it works. One way they seek credibility is to get users like you to review their websites and apps. Your review serves as reference for new users who may want to try them out. For doing this, you get paid good money. This is definitely a good way to make money from home.


Whether you believe it or not, people are making huge returns trading in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the rest. You can buy such stocks from a trusted platform and continue to trade from anywhere and anytime you choose.


Investing, whether as a venture capitalist or a shareholder is another good way to make good money from home. Just be sure to identify a safe and profitable venture. There are several individuals with good business ideas out there who just need capital to kick start. Trust me, it is better than putting your money in a bank that offers you less than 0.005% monthly. Sit at home and watch your money work for you


These ventures depend largely on your skill sets. For some people, it could be baking. For others, it could be jewelry, sewing, and any other such business activity that gives you liberty to operate from wherever. Sharpen your skills, find your market and you’re good to go.


One major reason a lot of people can’t and may never reap the benefits of these jobs I have discussed above is the fear of starting. I won’t be telling you about them if they don’t work. Nobody wants to be stressed out by that 9hrs per day job, 6 days of the week, with an annoying boss, wages hardly enough to get by and a bad credit. So start something today and start earning from home.