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The law of corporate evolution

The law of corporate evolution

Some years ago, I discovered that Darwin’s Law of Natural Evolution had real time application in the Corporate World. The similarities and implications were alarmingly familiar. I called it The LAW of CORPORATE EVOLUTION.

As the world grows and EVOLVES, needs of people would evolve. They would want more, better, faster. Whatever organisation can give them BETTER USER EXPERIENCE will, automatically rise to become KING, DOMINATING the MARKET.

For organisations to do this, they would have to engage the most skilled people as staff in order to meet the ever EVOLVING NEEDS of their customers.

Organisations cannot survive in an evolving world without strategically evolving themselves. And this is where the catch is. As the staff of these organisations work and work even harder to meet the needs of clients, they often fall into the trap of not finding enough time to invest in themselves to grow.

The organization grows. The staff don’t.

And then a time comes, slowly but surely, when the organisation management realise that CUSTOMER NEEDS have EVOLVED, the ORGANISATION has EVOLVED, yet the STAFF have NOT EVOLVED.

Two options are presented to them if they must continue MARKET DOMINATION.

Train staff to evolve to meet these needs, or just drop staff who have not invested value in themselves and take in new people who have relevant skills for an evolved world.

The staff who DOES NOT LOOK FOR TIME or is caught in a job where he has NO TIME to INVEST in SELF-DEVELOPMENT is a CORPORATE ENDANGERED SPECIES. And, as far as his organisation is concerned, he will soon become an EXTINCT SPECIES.

This is what I call the LAW OF CORPORATE EVOLUTION.